Our Proven Process

Process-driven for Unparalleled Results

Our recruitment team and client managers adhere to a meticulous, multi-level search and qualification process to ensure the right fit for our clients’ needs, as well as a smooth transition from sought-after candidate to valued employee:

Deep-dive Intake: Thoroughly defining the position requirements, roles and responsibilities, benefits, compensation, culture, team dynamic and other “intangibles” which make the difference between a “good fit” and the “right fit”

Action Plan: Outlining a customized search strategy to identify the 10-20 most probable candidates, followed by a dedicated, multi-tiered outreach campaign

Qualification: A rigorous pre-interview and qualification method that includes assessing relevant skills, backgrounds, career objectives, motivations and timelines, as well as hot buttons and red flags

Facilitation: Interview process management including qualified candidate profile submissions, phone/in-person scheduling, debriefings, interpretation and clarification

Pre-Offer Preparation: Including confirming compensation requirements, start dates, offers and acceptance logistics

Offer Presentation: Including compensation (bonus, commission structure) benefits, titles and start dates, relocation

Negotiation Management: Negotiating and securing final agreements, working in the best interests of both clients and candidates

Transition Management: Obtaining formal offer acceptances, and managing resignations and exit strategies

Integration: Tracking resignation progress and helping candidates successfully integrate into their new environments